Terms and conditions

Purchase Agreement

The advertisement of products on this site is a “Purchase Invitation”. That means that your order is an “Offer”, not a “Sale Agreement” between you and Lubaloo; thus, neither the prices nor the available stock will be contractually confirmed until you receive an “Order Confirmation” email. This “Order Confirmation” email will be sent once we receive a confirmation or payment authorization from your credit/debit card or your Paypal account and once we have reviewed our inventory.

These “Terms and Conditions” will NOT change, except for modifications we might make to the Lubaloo site. Specifically, nothing said by any of our representatives will be taken into account as a modification of these “Terms and Conditions” and will not constitute a legal representation on their behalf.

Order Confirmation

Lubaloo shall receive full payment on your order before it can be accepted. Once the payment made with your credit/debit card or through your Paypal account has been authorized and the inventory reviewed, Lubaloo will send you an email confirming your order. Please, keep this email on file. Lubaloo reserves its rights to refuse any order to any persons for any reason.

For countries require the Certificate of Origin, the cost of it it will add to shipping costs automatically.

Cancellations and Returns

If you become aware that you have made an error and wish to cancel your order, please contact us immediately. Given the speedy processing system, it may be impossible to stop an order, so please, follow the instructions on “Returns” in such case. Returns work the same way. Because of this we want you to know that it will be faster if you reorder instead of returning an order first and waiting to place the correct order later on; so please, follow the aforementioned instructions while you reorder the product you really want. It is understood that in this way you will make two transactions against your credit/debit card, but we believe it is the fastest way to receive the product you want without a lengthy wait.

Defective or damaged items

If you receive a defective item, a damaged item or an item you did not order, please contact us within ten (10) days. Our Customer Service Staff will help you resolve any issue, as soon as possible, and will send you the right item and/or in good condition or will reimburse you the money you’ve paid for it.

Our pledge to “Complete Satisfaction”

Lubaloo.es (Lubaloo) guarantees your complete satisfaction with our products and services. In the very unlikely event that you are not satisfied with your purchase, you will be able to return the item or garment within 28 days following the day you received it. We will be delighted in solving any incident by reimbursing you the money paid for such item or making any exchange for any other item, as long as the original item is returned to us without having been worn or washed, in its original packaging and with its labels in perfect condition.

Payments and Applicable Taxes

We accept online payments through a secure system. Currently, we accept Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro and Paypal. Every transaction is shown in Euros (€). Every price posted on this website is the applicable price at the time of publication and are represented in Euros (€), and they include the Sales Tax applicable in Spain (IVA) at the current rate. If your order is being shipped to any country member of the European Union, the sale price will include IVA at the current rate. The IVA’s current rate is 21%. You will be responsible for any additional cost caused by importing our products once the parcel arrived to its country of destination given that we have no control over these charges and we are not able to assess them beforehand.


Lubaloo makes every effort to keep the site updated, but cannot guarantee that the site and its contents are free of technical errors. While making use of the site, you acknowledge that you take responsibility for any and every cost associated with any necessary service or repair to any equipment you use in connection with this site. We are not responsible for any damage associated with the use of this site regardless of the cause, the prices or any incorrect information.

If you are not satisfied with this site, please send us an email with your comments. However, your only legal recourse is to stop using the site.

Customer’s Responsibility

Lubaloo cannot guarantee the feasibility of a sale and delivery in your country or address, therefore beware of import restrictions in your geographical area. This site and its contents do not constitute grounds for any contractual obligation between Lubaloo and any prospective customer in any jurisdiction in which soliciting, offering or selling products by Lubaloo might constitute a violation of any local, regional or national law. Prospective customers should not attempt to place any order through the site from any jurisdiction in which it could be illegal for Lubaloo to sell its products.

Applicable Law

The use of this site and any contract that arises between you and Lubaloo for the sale of any product shall be governed and interpreted pursuant of the Laws of Spain, and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Spain. If any term within these Terms and Conditions were illegal, null or inapplicable for any reason, such term will be deemed detachable of these Terms and Conditions and it could NOT alter the validity and enforceability of the remaining Terms.

Copyright and Other Rights

Every material, including pictures, illustrations, designs, compositions, photographs, written material and any other text or script that make up this site are protected by Copyright, Trade Mark, and any other type of Intellectual Property Rights owned or licensed to Lubaloo. The site in its entirety is protected by Copyright : all rights, titles and interests worldwide are property of Lubaloo. All content in the site and the site as a whole are exclusively intended for personal, not commercial use. You may download or copy content and any other downloadable material posted on this site only for the purpose of placing an order with Lubaloo. No download or copy you make transfers to you any right, title or interest on any material or downloaded software. You shall not reproduce (except as aforementioned), publish, broadcast, distribute, display, modify, create derivative work, sell or participate in any sale, nor make use in any manner, in part or in whole, of any of the contents, the site in general or any connected software.

Free Shipping Offer

Customers spending 150€ or more can receive free shipping on their orders. Promotion applicable to Peninsular addresses only and cannot be combined with any other offer.

For countries require the Certificate of Origin, the cost of it it will add to shipping costs automatically.